Looking for something to do? Maybe you want to get into a competitive environment but don’t want to spend big bucks on full race cars. Maybe you want to go off-road under a little pressure and you don’t want to trail park. Whatever the reason it sounds like you are looking for the Street Legal Rock Crawling series.

What is the SLRC?

The SLRC is a points based racing series that is held primarily in Pennsylvania. Your vehicle must be fully street legal in the state that the driver is from.

So no you can’t grab registration from somewhere that the rules for being “street legal” are runs on tires and be from somewhere with extremely strict laws. PA laws are fairly strict when it comes to modifications and with a yearly inspection the home team plays at a minor disadvantage to drivers from neighboring states.

Rock Run SLRC event.

Tomorrow freelance writer Alec and I are going to attend an SLRC event at Rock Run Recreation Area. Well, more than just attend. Alec will be driving his “reliable” TJ and I will be co-driving/spotting for him.

The plan is to see how we do in the competition but also share event coverage with you and show what it’s all about and how it was to compete.

Maybe you will join us at a future one?

A little bit about Rock Run Recreation Area.

First and foremost we’re about having fun! Rock Run Recreation area, its employees, and volunteers are excited that you and your families travel from all over the United States and choose to spend your weekends and holidays with us. Set in the rural parts of northern Cambria and southern Clearfield Counties, our trails provide spectacular views from atop the Allegheny Mountains. We consider ourselves a first-class recreation park and hope you feel the same after you visit us.

Rock Run started out with 50 miles of trails for ATVs, UTVs, and dirtbikes. With the help of the Yamaha Trails Initiative Program, we were able to add an additional 20 miles of trails. Rock Run now provides over 140 miles of trails that you can enjoy on whatever type of machine you like.

We have also worked with multiple volunteer groups from the OHV community and developed a trail system that provides enjoyment and challenges for the everyday driver to the most extreme OHV’s.

From (https://www.rockrunrecreation.com/about-us/)
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