Welcome to our chronicling of the resurrection of Olympic 4×4 Products Jeep CJ5.

After sitting for ten years quietly in the corner of their shop patiently waiting for owner Eric to fix her fuel injection problems. The CJ5 will be getting some serious maintenance, before getting fired up. After removing the valve covers spraying down the roller rockers, springs, lifter rods with some Mystery motor oil to get everything protected for that long awaited start up!

Good looking photo, too bad that guy is in the background!

They didn’t remember having any problems with the radiator ten years ago but thought it wise to remove it and send it out to SC Radiator in East Los Angeles, another family business that has been around for fifty years. It was a good decision, the radiator had sat for so long the bottom was filled with sediment. During the cleaning they found two small holes and repaired those as well. With the radiator refreshed it was time to replace the hoses with Gates rubber replacement hoses. Gates are made in U.S.A. like all the Olympic 4X4 Products.

The best part of the CJ5 Rebuild working on something that you ain’t afraid of breaking, there is no time line to get done in time for a trail run or special event.

The repaired radiator was put back in place and the all new hoses. Still need to add the coolant, before start up. The lower hose clamp bolt was a trick to get out as we had to position it so it would not rub against anything else. To get at it you have to lay on your back under the jeep and reach up with a 9 mm wrench and pray you arm doesn’t go into muscle failure trying to get the wrench in place.

Check out the K&N filter all cleaned up , you couldn’t tell it is ten years old. Used their cleaner and the advice Frank gave me at O’Reillys on Whittier in Montebello. Soak it in clean water before and after spraying it down with the filter cleaner, then let it dry over night and spray on the filter oil. Still need to see about polishing up the chrome filter top a little more.

Stay tuned for more from this build and we will have more on Olympic 4×4 Products on our own project Jeep!

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