Whew have we been busy. Eventually we will start getting the stories on the screen but for now we have to make them.

First is the big news. We are changing the name of the project from “Project Hard Rock” to “Project Overland”. Why you ask? Well what started as one Jeep to chase a motorcycle has become three Jeeps to not just chase a motorcycle but to go anywhere at anytime as self sufficient as possible, and chase a motorcycle. We are building three distinctly different Jeeps to cover different build parameters and showcase how well each of them work in different environments. Helping you and us determine budgets and upgrades for the next build we tackle.

Lot’s of reviews incoming as well. Our little two door JK just got new bumpers installed, an inexpensive third brake light, and an integrated tire carrier. Our Hard Rock edition Unlimited has a 4inch lift coming and hopefully new shoes as well. Numerous small items that make life easier and some other new products are on the horizon.

We also want to welcome ARB USA, Olympic 4×4 Products, and World Tour Off Road to our Feature Partners page and as supporters of “Project Overland”. Hopefully we will be adding more partners in the coming weeks.

Stay tuned things are really moving along!

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William Connor

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