Review – B2 Fabrication Gladiator Exhaust

Choosing an exhaust for your vehicle can be exhausting! So many options for sound, materials, and routing a person can go crazy. Instead of making it easier, I am going to add another choice to the mix with a 3 pack of exhaust options from B2 Fabrication.

Who are B2 Fabrication?

B2 Fabrication is a Michigan based manufacturing company, specializing in building premium quality parts and accessories for the automotive aftermarket and off-road industries.

​Our team has decades of experience with automotive racing and fabrication and is relentless in its pursuit of quality.

B2 partners with the best automotive suppliers in Metro Detroit to bring you parts that exceed OEM quality at surprisingly affordable prices.

Innovation, craftsmanship, value – it’s what we pride ourself on here at B2.

Why choose B2 Fabrication to review?

That’s easy. A small manufacturing company based in Detroit Michigan producing American-made stainless exhaust systems for performance. Where do I sign up?

If there is one thing we strive to promote here at 4WAAM it’s the small companies building parts with passion. We do review items from the big names but I just love working with companies that want to produce top level components on a small scale.

How does it sound?

I have a few videos to showcase the sound. This first one is my total thoughts on all 3 systems. You can hear the mid-range exhaust throughout this video.

This is the full size muffler considered the quiet exhaust. This system peaked at 89.9 decibels while under load on the highway. Each system was tested under the same conditions on the same day over the same stretch of road.

This next video is the straight pipe. Max volume is over 94DB.

The last clip is the current set up with the middle volume pipe. It is quieter when cruising than the straight pipe set up but under load, they are the same volume at over 94 decibels.

My plan is to install the quiet version and modify the tailpipe. In a brief test the tone was much deeper without being overly loud. I will follow up once I can get that piece made with another sound clip

In the meantime give them a look on their website and pick up a set for yourself. B2 Fabrication Tell them 4WAAM sent ya and use code 4wheels10 to get 10% off your order. (We do not receive money if you buy their product.)

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