A question we see asked often, on discussion groups and Facebook, centers around the modifications you have done to your vehicle you regret most. Instead of focusing on the negative today I want to touch on the upgrades that we have done to the 4WAAM Jeep that we absolutely have no regrets about.

MCE Fender Flares

After running some steel aftermarket flares and watching the damage they caused to the sheet metal we wanted to go a different direction. The MCE fenders are flexible, durable, and feature a lifetime guarantee against cracking and breakage. We have had ours on for over a year and have yet to see any color fading either. Simple to install, lightweight and available in two different widths you really can’t beat them for adding tire clearance while maintaining coverage.

Get your set here: MCE Fenders

TeraFlex Alpine Arms

Take the TeraFlex Monster control arms and combine with the Sport control arms and you get their Alpine control arms. Fully adjustable length arms with factory style rubber bushings. You get tons of articulation combined with excellent vibration isolation and a smooth quiet ride.  The arms are completely maintenance free, feature a heavy duty coating and use an aluminum pinch collar to keep the joints tight. These have been a set it and forget it item, that gives you the ability to center your axles and change your driveline angles without constant joint maintenance that many other control arms require.

Get your set here: TeraFlex Alpine Arms

Hutchinson Bead Lock Wheels

When I first thought about testing a bead lock wheel I had some reservations. The Jeep is my daily driver, constantly moving and testing equipment and parts. Could I deal with the time needed to maintain a bead lock wheel on a regular basis.

We have all heard the stories of constant checking of torque settings, air leaks, hard to balance, and other horrors of using many bead lock wheels. The Hutchinson Rock Monster wheels are nothing like that. The only DOT certified bead locks, the Rock Monsters were clearly designed to be as user friendly as a standard OEM wheel. I started by checking the assembly bolt torque every day, then every other day, then weekly, and now only when I wheel. I have yet to actually have a nut back off or the torque to not be right where it is supposed to be. I just believe in the better safe than sorry approach.

The biggest surprise is despite being a two piece assembly they don’t lose air pressure. The full circumference O-ring and the precision machine mating surfaces are spot on. Not too mention the wheels, with tires mounted, took less than an ounce to balance.

Get your set here: Rock Monster

Off Road Only AiROCK Jeep Air Suspension

The rest of the modifications on this list I have had on the Jeep for 6 months or more. The AiROCK is the newest modification but I can unequivocally state it may be the best upgrade. It took some work to get it 100% on the 4WAAM Jeep. There had already been 2 other full suspension systems on it and everything wasn’t in the stock location.

When you can take a Jeep and make it ride like a Cadillac, handle like a full size sedan, and then be able to adjust the height at each and every corner at the touch of a button it’s hard to think of a more complete upgrade. I expected a lot when we started testing the system. At every step the system has been better than I expected. If you are an Overland off-road enthusiast or even a hard core basher you need to give this setup a looksee. The price is on par with some of the best coil spring and coil over systems on the market but it is far more versatile.

Get yours here: AiROCK


Tell us what your least regrettable modification is. We would love to hear about it!

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