If you saw yesterday’s Renegade based Comanche concept you know we weren’t fans of the concept. The Crew Chief, however, is exactly what we had in mind when Jeep announced a pickup. The Crew Chief 715 is a fantastic looking four-door pickup that is a modern Kaiser M715 military truck from the late 1960s. If you know anything about those trucks you are aware of how capable and usable off-road they are. With a copycat throwback front end design, old school NDT military tires, and Tactical Green paint this truck is perfect.

The truck’s lightweight composite bed is designed to look like its made from wood. It is a great old school touch. The Crew Chief is fitted with Jeep Performance Parts that include a four-inch lift kit, Fox reservoir shocks, rock rails, and winch-equipped steel bumpers front and rear. Inside, dashboard-mounted auxiliary switches operate locking Dana 60 differentials an onboard air compressor, and there’s a gigantic ball compass under the GPS. This is probably not an item that will make production but it is nice for those times when GPS has no signal. The feature also takes me back to my Great Grandfather’s Chrysler New Yorker with that little compass on the dash.

Whether this concept would or could ever make it to production is hard to say, but I would trade my Wrangler for it.

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