Apparently parallel parking is an extreme sport – or a least worthy of Guinness World Record status.

The previous world record for reverse parallel parking was a staggering 35 centimeters. That’s the measured distance between the vehicles to the front and rear of the parked car.  The new record stands at a massive change of 1 less centimeter. For those who are bad at math – that is 34 centimeters total.

The record was set by Alastair Moffat in front of the record keepers at Guinness. The reverse parallel parking is a J-Turn then a hand brake turn into the parallel parking spot. Moffat also owns the parallel parking record in a Fiat 500.

It seems like using an original mini is cheating. Quick, highly maneuverable, and seemingly built for this kind of stunt. The record is a bit misleading in that you parallel park between two cars and the measured distance is from the parking car to one of the parked cars. Which means there is a ton of space left over and you could be tighter.

What vehicle would you like to see the record attempted with? We vote for a Ford Excursion.

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