Dodge has always made some great big honking V8’s and the modern iteration of the venerable Hemi is certainly no slouch. If you really want to perk it up however nothing beats good old fashioned forced induction.

The Hellcat is the top tier of the MOPAR world right now and has been shoehorned into a ton of vehicles as of late. The Rebel TRX uses a similar supercharged 6.2L v8 setup. While not technically classified as a Hellcat, we’ll consider this 575 horsepower truck, that debuted at the State Fair of Texas, a bonafide winner!

Beyond the supercharged Hemi the revival of the TRX package, RAM’s off road trim level, is a welcome addition to the lineup. The Rebel is a fine truck all on its own but I think most people were hoping for a bit more of a MOPAR Raptor.

The supercharged engine will be mated to their TorqueFlite 8HP70 eight-speed automatic transmission. Highly doubtful the side exit exhaust makes production but hopefully everything else does.

If produced the Rebel TRX would be the most powerful half ton truck on the market and if the suspension is done right certainly a Raptor fighter. I wonder when GM is going to join this game?

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