Just a small announcement today. I have experimented with ads on the site several times. Sometimes successfully, sometimes not. I remove them each time because I hate what it does to the site layout, site speed, and reading experience.

I need your help.

In order to do this I need a little help.

  1. I need you to check out the Featured Partner’s page and Local Partners pages. This supports the vendors that provide parts and services to 4WAAM to keep us going.
  2. If you are willing, support the site via Patreon. I don’t charge for content, often I buy the parts that are reviewed on 4WAAM, and even when they are provided by a manufacturer there are costs involved in doing the review. Cutting out ads makes that harder to manage.
  3. Tell me what you want to see on here. Different reviews, what parts specifically, stories you want to read, more videos? Whatever it is hit me with some comments.
  4. If you do enjoy what is produced here hit us with a subscribe on the website. Get new stories in your inbox whenever we post them up.

Thank you.

I mean it. Thank you. When I started 4WAAM 6 years ago I was freelance writing for several motorcycle publications. I needed an outlet so that I could say the things I wanted to say without the filter of corporate shackles, political agendas, or overarching narratives. What you believe is your business and I am not here to change it.

I appreciate every person that reads 4WAAM, that number continues to grow each month and for that I again say Thank You!

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William Connor

As the Editor, William is responsible for all the good, the bad, the ugly and the indifferent that happens at 4WAAM. William brings a wide range of experience to this role. He also wields a freely shared...

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