We will not normally post press releases but since we are in line to review this top we felt it worthwhile to share this new top from Rugged Ridge.

One of the hardest things about having a roof rack is the limitations to go topless. The Exo-Top from Rugged Ridge looks to tackle that issue and from the video and pictures it definitely looks like a great option. Stay tuned for our review!

Suwanee, Ga. (April 8, 2015) Rugged Ridge® today introduced its all-new Exo-Top™ soft top and roof rack for 2007-2015 Jeep Wrangler JK. The Exo-Top™ is an innovative, industry-first design that combines the joy of top-down driving with the utility of a roof rack, taking convenience, function and style to new levels by enabling Jeep owners to conveniently lower, raise or remove the Jeep’s soft top with ease without having to unload any gear or cargo from the roof rack.

Rugged Ridge’s new Exo-Top™ is an industry-first design that combines the utility of a roof rack with the open-air freedom of a standard soft top in one bolt-on product.

Available now for four door JK Wranglers, and in summer 2015 for two door models, the Rugged Ridge Exo-Top™ features a patent-pending design that is a direct bolt-on application with no drilling required for installation.

By combining the convenience of a soft top with the utility of a roof rack, the Exo-Top™ allows owners to experience a Jeep to its full potential for camping, off-roading, or as part of any outdoor lifestyle. The Exo-Top™ features an innovative Sun Slider® retractable function, which allows the top to slide back with the release of just two clips, creating an open-top experience for owners without the hassle of getting out of the driver’s seat.

Integrated into the 300-lb. capacity roof rack is an advanced externally suspended soft top design that fastens using a series of Velcro straps along the perimeter bars of the roof rack. The pulling force applied by the Velcro helps to tighten and shape the soft top, and completely eliminates the need to unload any gear or cargo from the roof rack in order to conveniently lower, raise or remove the Jeep’s soft top.

The Exo-Top™ is also compatible with most standard rack attachments and accessories in the industry, enabling Jeep owners to utilize the Exo-Top™ to safely haul any type of gear or equipment for outdoor adventures, including bicycles, skis, snowboards and kayaks.

“What’s great about the Exo-Top™ is the freedom and versatility it gives Jeep owners,” said Patrick Bennett, Product Development Manager at Omix-ADA. “By combining the soft top and roof rack, the Exo-Top™ allows Wrangler owners to spend more time enjoying their Jeep in any setting rather deal with a cumbersome soft top and roof rack that were never designed to work together.”

The Rugged Ridge Exo-Top™ is available online now for four door JK Wrangler applications at an MSRP of $1,732.99, and will be available for two door JK Wrangler models in summer 2015 at an MSRP of $1,599.99.

The Exo-Top™ can be seen in action on a JK Wrangler on the Rugged Ridge YouTube Channel.

For more information on the Rugged Ridge Exo-Top™, Rugged Ridge’s complete line of high-quality Jeep and off-road products, or to find an approved retailer, please contact Rugged Ridge at 770-614-6101, or visit www.RuggedRidge.com

Part NumberDescriptionMSRP
13516.02Exo-Top™, 4-door, 2007-2015 Jeep Wrangler JK$1,732.99
13516.01Exo-Top™, 2-door 2007-2015 Jeep Wrangler JK *Available Summer 2015$1,599.99


Omix-ADA®, Inc. is the world’s largest independent manufacturer and wholesaler of Jeep®, truck and off-road parts, accessories and floor liners. For more than two decades, Omix-ADA has designed, tested and manufactured more than 16,000 of the highest quality restoration and replacement parts and accessories. The Omix-ADA family of brands, Rugged Ridge® and Alloy USA®, are distributed throughout the USA and in more than 70 countries worldwide. For more information, please call Omix-ADA, headquartered in Suwanee, GA at 770-614-6101 or visit www.omix-ada.com.

Jeep® is a registered trademark of Chrysler Group LLC.

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