Pretty exciting news from Falcon Shocks. They are branching out into the truck market with a Sport Leveling kit for several popular models of trucks.
Falcon shocks is pleased to announce the release of the highly anticipated Sport Leveling System for select Ford F-150, Ram 1500, Chevy/GMC 1500, and Toyota Tacoma vehicles.

The Falcon Sport Leveling Shock Absorber System is engineered to deliver increased stability and control as well as improved ride quality and comfort both on and off-road. These compact and affordable shocks are ideal for daily driven vehicles.

Falcon Shocks’ design philosophy can be summed up as “High Value Performance.” We don’t just design shocks; rather we engineer complete shock absorber systems that improve the overall performance of your truck while retaining many of the factory suspensions pieces. This ensures that you only pay for what is required and nothing more. Unlike other companies that just build replacement shocks with revised valving, Falcon Shocks engineers complete shock absorber systems tuned to work with the factory linear rate coil springs and leaf springs. Front shocks feature multiple snap ring grooves to level out the front end including settings for heavier front bumpers.

By adding an internal negative rate spring around the shaft, we offset the preload of the factory spring, which effectively retunes the factory spring rate near full extension during aggressive off-road driving. This eliminates top out clunk, softens tire landing, and reduces body roll and stress on the shock.
The included replacement closed-cell microcellular bump stop effectively retunes the spring rate when the shock approaches full compression during aggressive off-road driving. This reduces bottoming out of the suspension and body roll at the limit. Although the factory spring rate is unchanged, our revised shock tuning increases on-road performance, control, and ride comfort in normal driving.

All of our pickup truck-specific shock absorber systems are tuned for on-road comfort with predictive handling, control, and stability as well as controlled steering during off-road driving through the canyons, on washboard roads, and through whoops. Initial tuning begins by driving each truck on and off road for two days to set a baseline. Next, the initial tuning is evaluated by daily driving each vehicle for four weeks to look for “holes” in performance. After taking careful notes, we adjust the tuning and test for two more days. We re-evaluate the revised tune for four more weeks. Each shock absorber system requires 2-6 months of testing and tuning before meeting our performance targets.

In addition to the internal spring rate tuning, the closed-cell microcellular bump stop is tuned via its durometer, height, shape, and materials. Our engineers also carefully tune the shock absorber system to remove any noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) inherent in the vehicle’s frame for a smooth and comfortable drive.

Features & Benefits
  • •Application-specific pickup shock absorbers w/ race-inspired performance•
  • Front shock features multiple snap ring grooves to level out front end
  • Dramatic improvement in on-road comfort & off-road performance
  • Increases vehicle stability
  • Improved dynamic roll control & low speed damping
  • All testing done on E-rated tires (worst possible ride)
  • 2.25” shock body provides optimal performance
  • Largest shock body that will fit w/out modifications
  • Optimized fitment for clearance during full suspension travel
  • 6061-T6 aluminum alloy shock body resists wear & protects internal components while providing superior heat dissipation
  • Smooth honed internal shock body surface for long-term performance
  • 3/4” shaft to prevent shaft buckling
  • Induction hardened chrome plated shaft resists rock damage & corrosion
  • Hard anodized piston
  • ZRT (Zone Rate Tuning) Negative spring eliminates top out clunk, softens tire landing, & reduces body roll
  • Application-specific tuned bump stop reduces bottoming out & body roll
  • OGS – the oil/gas separator prevents cavitation
  • Digressive linear piston
  • 1-piece Teflon bronze piston wear band w/ O-ring
  • High-quality spherical bushings (when applicable)
  • Zerk fittings to lube bushing (when applicable)
  • Red Line full synthetic shock oil with high viscosity index of 519 for consistent performance across all temperatures & reduced shock fade
  • Synthetic formula also contains special anti-wear & lubricity agents for excellent thermal stability
  • 1,000-hour salt spray corrosion resistance test on all hardware
  • Serviceable & rebuildable (factory serviced)
  • Built in-house at the TeraFlex Falcon Shock Division
  • Patent pending design
  • 3-year warranty

SKU MSRP Description
05-04-21-400-002 $1349.99 Ford F-150 2015-2018 Sport System
06-04-21-400-002 $1229.99 Ram 1500 2009-2018 Sport System
07-04-21-400-002 $1249.99 Chevy/GMC 1500 2014-2018 Sport System
08-04-21-400-002 $1349.99 Toyota Tacoma 2016-2018 Sport System

About Falcon
Falcon Shocks stem from nearly six decades of Jeep experience. Over the years, we have developed innovative products that deliver performance results exceeding customer expectations. Falcon shocks provide extremely predictable handling through carefully tuned compression and rebound. In-house engineers have invested hundreds of hours in shock tuning to deliver optimal results that can be felt in a “seat-of-the-pants” experience. Falcon shocks are developed and built in-house with state-of-the-art methods including CAD design, finite element analysis, in-house lab simulation, and rigorous real-world testing. Falcon Shock applications for Jeep and light trucks will significantly increase the performance of any stock or modified vehicle.

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