Now in stock and ready for sale:  JKS Flex Connect Link Kit and Flex Connect Performance Spring Kit for Jeep Wrangler JK w/2-5” of lift.  The Flex Connect is unlike any other sway bar link on the market today.  Developed jointly with PAC Racing Springs, this patent pending design creates a dual-rate sway bar system when used with the factory or aftermarket sway bar.  PAC Racing Springs designed the Flex Connect springs to handle hundreds of thousands of cycles and maintain maximum performance.  These springs are housed in a precision machined aluminum body and utilize a steel alloy link rod.  The attention to design details stretches to the ends where the industry famous JKS spherical sway bar link bushings are installed in greaseable aluminum ends.  The aluminum link is anodized for long term good looks and corrosion resistance. 

The Flex Connect is a huge leap forward from a traditional sway bar link.  With the specially turned PAC springs, the link is able to extend and compress, working with the factory sway bar to control body roll.  The Flex Connect improves the way the stock bar absorbs imperfections in the road (or offroad surface) by soaking up “head bobble” inducing bumps.  The Flex Connect also improves the articulation of the JK suspension over the stock setup.   The Flex Connect springs compress and extend under load, giving the same effect as if the sway bar was twisting further and allowing the suspension to articulate more.

For those looking to get the ultimate performance out of the Flex Connect link, the optional Performance Spring Kit allows for roll stiffness to be adjusted using one of the 3 unique replacement spring sets.  These springs are tuned to work in different terrains or vehicle setups.  The Performance Spring kit includes tools and instructions to swap out the pre-installed OE springs with any of the 3 optional spring sets.  Choices can be made based on terrain or even how the Jeep is equipped for a particular trip.  As the spring set rates get softer they have more travel, increasing the suspensions ability to articulate.  Below, each spring spec and function is detailed.  This is a guide to get started adjusting the roll stiffness of the Flex Connect system.

Flex Connect Kit Base Spring

OE Spring (Pre-installed in the Flex Connect)

  • Effective spring rate is 35% softer than factory, 1.1” total link travel
  • Closest spring to a stock fixed length sway bar link.  Maintains road manners while still giving the benefit of absorbing the “head-bobble” type bumps
  • Changes your stock sway bar system into a dual rate system.    

Performance Spring Kit Includes

Red Spring (Road)

  • Effective spring rate is 45% softer than factory, 1.3” total link travel
  • High Rate/Low Travel
  • For those looking to maintain on road manners but gain a little more Flex Connect travel and forgiveness over the preinstalled OE spring.  Also a great choice to higher speed offroad situations

Yellow Spring (Trail)

  • Effective spring rate is 60% softer than factory, 1.6” total link travel
  • Mid Rate/Mid Travel
  • For those looking to venture off the trail for mild offroading at moderate speeds

Blue Spring (Crawl)

  • Effective spring rate is 75% softer than factory, 2.3” total link travel
  • Low Rate/High Travel
  • For playing in the rocks and off-camber situation.  Gives more suspension articulation then a stand link/sway bar setup while maintaining the stability of the sway bar.

The 2110 Flex Connect Link Kit is packaged with a passenger’s side link using the same aluminum JKS eyes and a paint steel link body.  The 2100 Performance Spring Kit is packaged with 3 spring sets and 2 Flex Connect rebuild wrenches.

Additional kit options and applications coming soon.


  • Works on JK and JK Rubicon front sway bar only
  • Works with 2-5” of lift
  • Will work with aftermarket JK sway bars but may require additional mounting modifications

Jeep JK Flex Connect Sway Bar Link Kit

Jobber: $299.00

Flex Connect Performance Spring Kit

Jobber: $95.00

This is all pretty interesting and some may be wondering why do you want or need them. Do they work as well as disconnecting the sway bar?

The answer is no they don’t flex as much as not having a sway bar. What they do offer is the same benefit as other off road sway bar systems at a much lower price point and the ability to fine tune it with spring packs. We will be doing a complete tech article talking about sway bars and why they are a benefit on and off road very soon.

The biggest benefit is they flex far better off road than a stock sway bar and return good on road performance without having to disconnect your links. Because they can be tuned you can also set them up for your preferred environment and also replace worn out parts easily.

In the mean time you can see the Flex Connect in action:

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