Of all the British sports car manufacturers that have come and gone and come and gone again over the years, few are missed as much as TVR. Mostly at repair shops and rust prevention locations. Thankfully for your local super car mechanic a revival is under way. The difference this time is the caliber of people involved.
To design the first new TVR, since the Sagaris and Typhoon launched in 2004, the company’s recruited Gordon Murray and his design studio. The South African has engineered some of the most successful Formula One cars ever to hit the grid. Had a hand in building the legendary McLaren F1 and also designed the LCC Rocket.

Gordon Murray Design will also be utilizing their iStream production method to the new car, which will be cloaked in composite bodywork. Murray isn’t the only big name jumping on board at the new TVR.  Legendary performance company Cosworth will develop the powertrain. TVR promises its new products will be priced and positioned competitively in the heritage of its previous lineup, and with similar orientation. So look for a naturally aspirated dry-sump V8 up front, and  rear wheels moving you down the road through a conventional manual transmission.

The first of the new TVRs are set to reach production in 2017, with three additional models to follow over the next ten years. “Production will initially consist 100 percent of RHD [right-hand drive] vehicles for the UK market,” a company spokesman said in correspondence with Autoblog. “However, the plan provides for development of a LHD [left-hand drive] variant for export markets, and the architecture of the car has been designed to facilitate this (as well as some foreign market crash test considerations). It’s worth noting too that TVR recognizes North America as an important overseas market for the cars and that it will explore all future possibilities to sell TVRs there in the future.”

Will it make the North America or be Euro only remains to be seen. TVR was never a player on US soil so it remains to be seen whether they can gain a real foothold this time. The high priced car market is crowded and unfortunately for a newcomer it is crowded with established brands.

TVR to return to production with stunning new car designed in collaboration with Gordon Murray Design

– Revered British sports car brand, TVR, is roaring back to production with an incredible all-new Cosworth powered sports car, engineered in collaboration with F1 and road car design legend, Gordon Murray
– TVR has developed a product and launch programme that will see at least four new models brought to market over the next ten years
– Positioning and pricing set to be consistent with TVR’s past market positioning and highly competitive within its segment

3rd June 2015: The iconic British car brand, TVR, has today announced that it will return to the market with an all-new British designed and built sports car. The company, which boasts an outstanding new management team, has developed the new car in collaboration with Gordon Murray Design and Cosworth, each providing much of the core design and engineering capability for the all-new TVR. This incredible project is already well advanced with over a year of development completed so far.

TVR will issue more specification details and early images later in 2015, but the car will continue the tradition of a classic British two-seat sports car with a composite ground effect aero chassis and body package using Gordon Murray Design’s innovative iStream® technology. Enthusiasts will also be delighted to know that the car will feature the traditional TVR DNA of a front engine with rear wheel drive and a manual transmission, powered by a normally aspirated, dry-sumped, V8 engine, developed and engineered by Cosworth.

Les Edgar, Chairman of TVR said: “We know that a new TVR has to be better than just good – it has to be outstanding. From the outset we only wanted to work with the best partners in the business, and both Gordon Murray’s and Cosworth’s track records within motor sport and high performance car design and engineering speaks for themselves. Gordon Murray Design and Cosworth are the perfect partners for TVR and together, we will deliver a truly exceptional new car.”

Production of the car will begin in 2017, and will be offered to the market at a competitive price point within its segment and consistent with TVR’s positioning in the past. TVR has prioritised the company’s position as an all-British institution, and the cars will be completely produced in new UK factory premises.

Gordon Murray, Chairman of Gordon Murray Design comments: “TVR is an iconic brand which has been an important part of British sports car manufacturing for many decades. Its return to manufacturing is an exciting development and the car deserves the best chassis and powertrain that can possibly be delivered. To that end, I am delighted that our company is involved with the project, and that TVR are using our iStream® technology.”

Bruce Wood, Cosworth Technical Director, said: “We are proud to see Cosworth’s industry-leading engineering at the heart of the revived TVR brand. Our team has been working closely with TVR and Gordon Murray Design to develop a powertrain solution that perfectly complements the exceptional performance characteristics of the new car. It’s an exciting project and one which well suits Cosworth’s engineering expertise.”

Edgar continues: “We are a well-funded, well-supported organisation and boast a vastly experienced management team. We are here to stay and we have a fully evolved ten year plan for product and business development, and are committed to deliver on all the targets we have set ourselves – as we have done to date.

“Despite very deliberately maintaining a low profile since completing the acquisition of TVR two years ago, we have had an enormous amount of unsolicited interest from businesses, individuals and investors internationally. Such is the strength of the brand and the passion of its followers. It is a real privilege to be a part of the revival of a great British marque – one that will succeed through our single-minded desire to produce exceptional sports cars.”

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