Like the title says the National Highway Traffic Safety Authority faces an audit to find out what it’s been doing. This is predicated on the death rate per year for vehicle accidents that has not fallen over the last decade.

The Transportation Department’s Office of Inspector General will audit NHTSA’s Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS)

David Friedman, who was an NHTSA deputy administrator during the Obama administration, said the agency under President Donald Trump has failed to adopt any significant life-saving regulations.

“That is a clear failure to fulfill NHTSA’s mission to save lives and prevent injuries, especially when you consider that there are technologies out there now that could cut the annual death toll in half,” Friedman said.

It often takes NHTSA years to finalize changes or adopt new motor vehicle safety standards.

In February 2018, NHTSA finalized rules requiring “quiet cars” like electric vehicles and hybrids to emit alert sounds to warn pedestrians of their approach after a demand by Congress in 2010.

David Shephard – Reuters

You can read the actual order here Audit Announcement.

I think it’s great that anyone takes an interest to improve process and safety. Launching an IG investigation into a static death rate when the number of registered cars on the road and miles that are driven has increased over the last decade seems ludicrous. Despite almost 30 million more registered vehicles on the road, the death rate stayed at just over 1 death per 100 million miles.

I get that the goal is supposed to be zero deaths. That is an unrealistic goal. We should shoot for it but with the understanding that as long as 4000-pound missiles are being driven at anything over walking speed, people will die when they hit things.

All the technology in the world will not stop a failed part, a rogue deer, or weather conditions that can’t be planned for.

We don’t do politics.

I am not going to wade into the political waters of some of the statements being made. Instead, I have a question for you.

Do you think there are too many electronics on new vehicles?

In my unimportant opinion, there are far too many built-in distractions in modern vehicles. They have not helped safety and, similar to the Tesla driver who wrecked trying to adjust wiper speed with a touchscreen, it’s only going to get worse.

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