This trailer just popped up in my life and I feel compelled to share it with the world. Monster Trucks is definitely not about what you think it is.

When you think of Monster Trucks most would conjure images of BigFoot, Grave Digger, or some other well known giant pickup on massive tires and over the top styling.

This move from Paramount Pictures has none of those. The movie is literally about monsters in trucks. Get it “Monster Trucks“. Coming January 2017.

The formula is essentially every kid movie where x creature is found outside its normal element. Y bad guy gives chase for some nefarious Government agency, and all the teenagers immediately become super smart, witty, and capable of outsmarting entire tactical teams with shoelaces, and bad disguises.

That’s not to say the trailer looks bad or it won’t be a fun movie. Quite the opposite the movie trailer looks pretty cool, the music works, and the truck stunts are pretty good.

See for yourself.

Will you take your kids or friends kids just to see the movie?

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