Mercedes-Benz will begin selling a pickup truck next year with the possibility it will end up on our shores a year after that.The X-Class, the truck concept unveiled in Sweden on Tuesday, is co-developed with Nissan and is based on the Japanese automaker’s Navarra model. Naturally it features MB specific bodywork, interior, and other features to differentiate.

Mercedes-Benz showed off road and street versions with a crew cab configuration, short utility bed, and 4 corner coil spring suspension. The truck is body-on-frame with a rear and all-wheel-drive models available. The 4x4s version will be equipped with a low range transfer case and locking differentials giving the truck some serious off road chops.

A selection of diesel engines  are going to be available, a wonderful option in the mid size category. The top motor will be V6 of unspecified size and power. Maximum payload capacity of 2,400 pounds and tow rated at over 7,700 pounds. Very good numbers for a mid size. We are sure these numbers will have more meaning once the truck configurations are announced and they will depend on what drive train and gear ratio are selected.

Leather upholstery, real wood trim, the truck will also have the latest radar and camera driver assist, automatic safety systems and an of course the ubiquitous infotainment system. Even grander will be smartphone integration with an app.

There is no timeline for introduction to the US. With trucks comprising a bulk of US vehicle sales it’s safe to say that if you have this type of bullet in your gun, you want to at least fire it.

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