SB 566 is the next cash grab for Maryland. The Senate bill proposes that vehicles more than 5 years old will have to submit a valid registration renewal certificate in order to keep their vehicle registered.

Why does this matter?

Maryland’s inspection requirements are pretty straightforward. If you transfer a vehicle between any entities it requires a vehicle inspection. If the vehicle is purchased new there isn’t a requirement to have it inspected again unless you sell it to someone else, or get a ticket from the police for something non-compliant.

The proposed change.

Requiring the Motor Vehicle Administration to require the submission of a valid registration renewal inspection certificate before renewing a motor vehicle registration for a vehicle at least 5 model years old; requiring an inspection to include a certain examination of certain vehicle equipment; requiring an inspection certificate to remain valid for 90 days; requiring an inspection certificate to include the name of the inspection station and mechanic; prohibiting an inspection station from charging more than $45 for an inspection; etc.

Why fight it?

I don’t know about you but I am tired of paying to own something and then paying to be allowed to use it.

How to have your voice heard.

Use this link to the Action Center to look up your legislators and tell them you don’t support SB 566. Make your voice heard and keep your money in your pocket.

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