Filed in the too weird to not be true section. AM General and Jeep are teaming up to build the Gladiator XMT (Extreme MilitaryGrade Truck).

It’s an exciting pairing considering the relationship that once existed with General Motors and AM General with the HUMMER brand. AM General was not part of the GM, and while they did build the H2, they did not manufacture the H3. The HUMMER licensing was sold to GM, and AM General produced the vehicles. Pretty smart if you ask me.

A little deeper into the archives reveals that both Jeep and AM General are descendants of KaiserJeep and American Motors. That makes this a little bit of a homecoming for both marques.

The Genesis.
AM General/Jeep

According to the two partners, AM General approached Jeep about building a Light Tactical Vehicle on the Gladiator platform. AM General recognized the unique capabilities the midsize truck offered with a large payload capacity and rugged off-road capabilities.

The XMT specifications have not been revealed yet. The concept Gladiators unveiled at the Association of the U.S. Army’s annual expo are a combination of commercial parts and custom military-grade equipment. So far, the vehicles are primarily aimed at troop transport and communications. Jeep previously offered the J8 to foreign militaries, but this might be the first Jeep to wear U.S. colors in decades.


AM General says they could fill orders as early as next year. Buckle up buttercup Jeep may be back in the Warfighter game.

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