Mahindra North America just unveiled the all-new ROXOR. Looking every bit like a CJ Jeep the new vehicle is a very throw back spec off-road ride. More similar to older off-road vehicles than current Wrangler offerings it actually is considered a side by side fit only for off-road use.I think that is the biggest disappointment with this announcement is that the ROXOR is not a street legal vehicle. It doesn’t mean we don’t want one it just makes it harder to use.


The Roxor is definitely more car than side by side. It will feature a steel body mounted on a steel frame. And like any old-school Jeep, two sets of leaf springs locate two solid axles.

The powertrain is an ideal choice for any off-road rig: 4 cylinder a turbo-diesel mated to a five-speed manual. That 2.5-liter diesel is rated, at 62 HP at 3,200 RPM and 144 lb-ft at 1,400 rpm.

Mahinda has quite a history of building Jeep-like vehicles, with the first a car that was essentially a Willys CJ-2A Jeep shipped to India as a knock-down kit. It was assembled under license back in the late 1940s. That license allows the company to build a vehicle that so closely mirrors the look of a Jeep. It is still surprising that a license from 1940 was “grandfathered” to continue to allow the company to build such Jeep-like vehicles.

The ROXOR mimics the classic lines of an old CJ but it stands out as it’s own vehicle. The rounded fenders, door opening, shape of the hood, the hood latches, the outline of the grille all pay homage to the venerable CJ. The grill has several slots but canted at an angle to set it apart. The rear is unique with different lights and a fuel filler on the side.

Dimensions are very close but again different enough to address the needs of the ROXOR audience.

The ROXOR will be built in the Motor City (Detroit) and not in India like its brethren. Later this month we should know more about when it will be available with Mahindra currently having over 200 dealers lined up they should be easy enough to get.

Curb weight sits at 3,035 pounds, towing capacity is about 3,490 pounds, while rear payload capacity is only 349 pounds. Maximum speed is about 45 MPH. Since the ROXOR is not street legal this top speed makes sense for their target audience. Towing capacity is ridiculous for a small off-road vehicle.

You can check it all out on the website ROXOR and there is even a build your own option. We have already wasted some time playing with it.

With a base price of $15,499 and a fully optioned price of $18,013 putting it right in line with other 2 seat side by sides.

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