Jeep will soon have a few new ways for you to get down and dirty or stay clean and relaxed behind the wheel of one of their vehicles.Jeep on Friday announced the upcoming introduction of an all new DesertHawk trim level. It is designed around high speed off-road driving. It will provide a contrast to the crawling oriented TrailHawk.

What vehicles would get the DesertHawk trim level were not revealed. The teaser image uses a Cherokee blasting through the sand as an illustration. Jeep’s Renegade, Compass, Cherokee and Grand Cherokee all have a TrailHawk trim, with the Grand Cherokee also coming in the TrackHawk trim. It’s a good bet that most if not all these models will get the DesertHawk trim.

Jeep is also going full speed ahead into electrification. Phasing out diesels, and by 2022 plan to have 10 plug-in hybrid and four fully-electric models across its global lineup. Jeep also wants to add a few all-new models. Far be it from us to guess their thoughts on phasing out diesels but it seems that a diesel electric hybrid would be one of the most efficient combinations on the road.
A subcompact SUV that’s smaller than the Renegade, a three-row SUV, and a car-like “urban” utility vehicle are on the short list of possible new vehicles. The “Urban” utility vehicle (UUV) will trade Jeep’s traditional off-road capability for a better on-road ride. Do we really need a vehicle smaller than the Renegade? Euro or Asian markets would probably the primary target for something this size. Don’t fret the midsize pickup and full-size Wagoneer/Grand Wagoneer are still coming. (BTW you heard it hear first (UUV))
Jeep plans to begin offering Level 3 autonomous driving in 2021 that it is developed in partnership with BMW. This is a theoretical step above Tesla’s Autopilot. The Level 3 allows for fully-autonomous driving in certain situations. It still requires a driver to be in control. A Level 2 similar to Autopilot will debut on the 2020 Grand Cherokee. We are not a fan of autonomous driving and really wish manufacturers would stop and work out the bugs before making this a long term plan.
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