Big and Little News from Jeep

We read an article today that called Jeep the Teflon of car brands. Not sure how accurate that is but they did get one thing right. Jeep is on a roll.

Surpassing Hyundai as the 5th largest auto seller in the US, new models coming out very soon could propel them even higher in the global sales market. Jeep has not done well in the customer service and quality reviews with JD Power and Associates. While I won’t defend quality control measures, as Project Hard Rock has plenty of paint issues, their customer service has been top notch. From calls to see how the experience went at the dealer, to following up on any issues they have been better than any other brand. (Except other Chrysler brands.)

So that’s the big news, what’s the little news?

2015 Jeep Renegade Latitude

The little news is the new Jeep Renegade video from Moab. Shot as a promotional item it showcases the “little” Jeep that could running the slick rock climbing rocks and generally doing what Jeep’s do best. Check out the little Trail Hawk below.

William Connor

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