JLWranglerForums.com have possibly leaked images of the all-new 2018 JL Wrangler. The images appear to show the top of the line Unlimited Rubicon.

While it initially appears that not much has changed a closer examination shows that not more has changed than remained the same.

Credit: JLWranglerForums.com

Longer hood, a more prominent front bumper, vents behind the front fenders, and a character line running under what appear to be taller windows. A curved grille has outer slats that curve around the headlights, (CJ Style), while the turn signals move to the fenders. The Wrangler’s latches and exposed door hinges remain, as does the fold-down windshield. A bit of a surprise with so many rumors floating around that this would be eliminated.

Credit: JLWranglerForums.com

The images also appear to confirm that the next-gen Wrangler will have a fully removable roof and doors. A new framework will replace the sport bar used on the current model.

The pictures are legitimate looking enough to possibly be true, and certainly confirm many of the theories discussed when looking at the various released spy photos.

Credit: JLWranglerForums.com

These images of the Jeep Safari concept may be the clearest indicator of what the new JL will look like. I am a big fan of the front end.

If only this is true. If you look closely there are on board air outlets on the fender.

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