2018 Jeep Wrangler – No Manual Transmission?


The title says it correctly. There is a nasty rumor that the new JL Wrangler may not be equipped with a manual transmission option.

We realize many people like automatic transmissions for both on road and off road driving. We don’t personally for many reasons.  I prefer to completely remove power from the wheels quickly and easily. I also don’t want the vehicle trying to move forward when I don’t want it to. This isn’t to get into a philosophical discussion about transmissions, just adding some opinion.

So now about those rumors, most of it stems from two particular items. The fact that no manual transmission has been mentioned in any documentation. The second item is this:

“How do you feel about no manual transmission option? Would you be interested in a 3-spd transfer case? Are you okay with not having a windshield that folds down? What about a hybrid power plant option? How much towing capacity and payload should the 4-door have?”

These questions were asked at the Overland Expo by Jeep engineers. These are similar questions to what they were asking at Bantam Jeep Festival last year. Yours truly gave his thoughts and they didn’t preclude a manual transmission.

One difference was the question about the 3 speed transfer case. That is very intriguing, especially if they have a Rubicon 4:1 and a 6:1 ratio.

The death of the manual transmission in the Jeep Wrangler would be a hard pill to swallow. It would however get me working on the CJ7 rebuild. Seems the older I get the less technology I can deal with in my Jeep.

William Connor

As the Editor, William is responsible for all the good, the bad, the ugly and the indifferent that happens at 4WAAM. William brings a wide range of experience to this role having been a cook, a painter, a machinist, part time mechanic, computer programmer, and writer. He also wields a freely shared opinion on just about everything., just ask him.

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