If an all aluminum F-150 with 385HP isn’t enough to satisfy your needs then the Hennessey VelcoiRaptor conversion should help whet your appetite until the factory Raptor is available.

Taking a stock F150 FX4 SuperCrew and turning into a fire breathing beast with 600 HP is what you get with the VelociRaptor package. Hennessey mounts a roots style supercharger on the 5.0 V8 running around 8 pounds of boost. This pumps the horsepower output to 600 when combined with their high flow intake, ECU programming, upgraded injectors, and new exhaust. Rumor has it even more powerful kits are possible. For now the VelociRaptor will have a limited run of 500 with a base price of $73,500. (This includes the vehicle cost.)

The package is not all go fast parts either. You also get 33 inch off road tires on 17 inch wheels. You can get a coil over suspension conversion, upgraded front and rear bumpers, that include provisions for a winch in the front. LED lights can be tacked on and the brakes get an upgrade to Brembo components.

You can order the truck direct from Hennessey or through your local dealer. A package is in the works for the EcoBoost V6 and maybe they will offer an SUV conversion in the near future.

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