Did something today we never expected to do. We sold a car to CarMax. If you have an aversion to selling a car but need to this is simply the easiest process in the car buying and selling world.

We are not fans of buying a car at CarMax, I live for the art of the deal and haggling. While it means I may not get the best price it does mean I feel better about it. I know it doesn’t make sense but then again neither does buying a car somedays.

The process is so simple to sell your car it should be how every dealer does business. You arrive, pull into labeled spots to park and walk inside. You are met by a genuinely nice person who gets your process started. Seriously, someone at a dealer happy to help and waiting for you to walk in not shark attacking the car lot.

Walked in the door and filled out some quick questions with the “salesperson” and they went about their process. We waited patiently while the appraiser looked over the car, took it for a short drive, and then the offer showed up in the computer queue. Total time was 30 minutes from walk in to offer sheet.

The offer was no more and no less than what some general research showed the value of the car would be. This was the nicest part of the process. The “salesperson” didn’t try to persuade us, there was no pressure to sell, there was no sales pitch for a new car. Nothing but customer service provided by the “salesperson”. We were given the keys back with no yelling needed and walked away to think about what the next step was. Knowing what a car is worth makes life simpler to make financial decisions.

A little background information on the “car” in question. A 2013 Hyundai Genesis Coupe is a very nice car. It is fast, agile, smooth, and comfortable. It does not, however, hold value. A comparison would be trying to carry water to put out a fire with a sieve.

Having already purchased a new vehicle the Genesis was at a crossroads with our ownership priority. So a few days after that initial visit we called the “salesperson” who helped us and when he didn’t answer we left a message at the number he gave us. Turns out it is his cell phone, he called back within an hour. He called from home, on his day off from work, sick. Answered my questions about the sale process, thanks us for calling him and offered to answer any more questions we had. That’s why “salesperson” has been in quotes for this entire article. He was at no point trying to sell me something, yet provided the best customer service I have ever had at a dealership.

The sales process was just as simple. Drive in, go to the business office, it for some paperwork and voila done. Quicker than Dominos and their 30 minutes or less promise.

Tell us your CarMax stories below. Make sure to watch for a full review on the Genesis Coupe as well!

Oh, and before I forget, if you ever go to CarMax in Laurel, MD ask for Azeema.

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