This is a short video clip from a more comprehensive install video I am doing on the Justice Off Road MOLLE Tailgate Panel. If you are not from a military or law enforcement background, don’t hang out of tactical forums, and aren’t a zombie hunter — you might actually have never been shown how to properly attach MOLLE gear to a PALS ladder system. That’s okay, we are here to help.

Lots of folks tend to complain about sagging MOLLE gear, but I would bet that most of it occurs for 1 of 2 reasons:

1. Poorly constructed PALS or MOLLE equipment (out of spec, loose stitching, etc.) -or-
2. Improper attachment of the MOLLE gear to the PALS webbing.

This short 3 minute video should help those with problem #2.

MOLLE – Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment:  Refers to the modular load-bearing equipment (pouches, bags, accessories, etc) that uses the PALS system of webbing for secure attachment. This is the military standard for modular tactical gear.  Also great for securing your accessories to your Jeep, whether using a tailgate panel (as demonstrated here) or various seat covers or roll bar covers that leverage the PALS ladder system.

PALS – Pouch Attachment Ladder System:  A grid of webbing equipment invented and patented by the US Army used to attach smaller equipment or accessories onto load-bearing platforms, which for us means tailgate panels and seat covers. 😉  The PALS grid consists of horizontal rows of 1″ nylon webbing, spaced 1″ apart, and stitched into “columns” at 1.5″ intervals.  Proper attachment of MOLLE gear requires the “weaving” of the PALS webbing from both items to be attached.

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