I love doing these tips and sharing knowledge. The great thing about this technique is it is so useful and versatile.

The premise is super simple: mount your Hi-Lift jack in the opening of your tow hitch. Decide what direction you need to shift the vehicle – set the jack with a slight lean in that direction and start lifting.

You can see in the video how Kyle kept his foot on the base of the jack. This is not to keep it from sliding – he uses his foot to feel how much it is sliding and the jack will tell you when you need to stop. You use your foot so you can watch the vehicles attitude, the jack height, and any other things that are important to your safety.

There are some vehicles that have a receiver on the front as well so this technique has a lot of applicability for recovery.

Hopefully you saw our D-Ring recovery video already so now you have another recovery technique to add to your arsenal. Lift and shift can get you relocated in, on, or around an obstacle.

Don’t forget if you want to learn more and experience these techniques in person check out Kyle at Offroad Consulting to schedule a class.

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