Our friends over at World Tour Off Road Equipment are giving a class on Jeep JK steering. How to make it better and trouble shoot that death wobble if you ever experience it. It also includes a Synergy track bar bracket, Synergy sway bar, and refreshments. Price is $220 is you opt to skip the sway bar, and $420 with the sway bar.

Here are the details! Make sure to like their FB page while you are registering.

Jeep JK steering 101
This is a clinic focused on JK and JKU steering.

There is a fee of $220.00 for this clinic and it will include a synergy track bar bracket and the synergy sector shaft brace. If this interests you keep reading.

The morning will start off with a quick introduction to ram assisted steering about why we do it and how we do it. Directly after that we will get into the famous death wobble and a step by step methodical procedure of how to troubleshoot it.

We will also go over things like steering geometry and how to improve your driving experience on the road with a modified jeep. Some lift kits address these issues better than others.

Finally we will discuss the benefits of having a frame side track bar brace on your jeep and the synergy sector shaft brace.

Once that is all out of the way it’s straight to work. Every attendee with the help of the other attendees will work together to get everyone’s synergy track bar brace kits installed. We will be doing two jeeps at a time.

Synergy requires that to use the sector shaft brace their own track bar is required. We do have customers that have other brands track bars but we do not think it is a good idea. This is a clearance issue. We highly recommend using the synergy one. The synergy track bar costs $200.00.

In order to RSVP for this class we need the payment up front of $220.00 or $420.00. This is so the parts can be ordered from Synergy and be ready for install on each attendees vehicle. As people RSVP and make the payment we will start a list of whose jeep gets done first. Keep in mind this is a team effort and the shop is not charging labor for this work or marking the prices up for the parts so your help will be needed to get these jeeps done. If your jeep does not get done on Saturday we will carry this over into Sunday. The extra $20.00 is only to cover refreshments for the clinic.

As a professional off road shop this is just our way to have some fun sharing what we’ve learned so far with our customers and get some jeeps riding a little better. This sector shaft brace kit is a genius improvement to the JK. You will not regret doing it and it can save you from tearing up your steering gear box which will eventually happen with a lifted jeep. This set up will improve your steering.

Go here to join the class!

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