Ever wondered how a universal joint works? How about how your differential operates? Today we are going to share two videos from Learn Engineering that tell us how both of these systems operate.U-joints have been around for centuries yet the way they work is often misunderstood and of course they are much maligned for their failures. Many of us have either experienced a failure leaving us stranded, or we know that one guy who breaks his drive shaft every time they off road. One of our own around the offices has this issue, he even snaps his RC drive shafts on a regular basis.

The idea of taking forces produced in one direction and translating that force to create movement in another directions is often thought off as some black magic or voodoo. Not many truly understand it yet we all know just enough to be dangerous. Once again Learn Engineering is here to help with a simple animation and discussion about how a differential works.

Some very straightforward explanations done with simple and easy to understand animations. Hope everyone learned something and have a great weekend!

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