There are a few obstacles that really freak out new off road drivers. They are Off camber, and hill climb obstacles. They are two of the most commonly discussed “scary” obstacles. After you gain some experience these are some of the most fun obstacles you tackle.

Kyle from Offroad Consulting has trained hundreds of new drivers to manage these obstacles. He uses a calm friendly teaching style that gives confidence to even the greenest of off road drivers.

In todays teaching we work with a brand new driver who had a bad experience when she went out with friends for her first time. After doing some damage to her Jeep she felt she needed to spend thousands of dollars to go back off road. What we wanted to show her was that proper instruction and learning to drive her Jeep would be a better place to start.

In the video below Kyle talks about the obstacle and how to approach it. You will also see our driver tackle the hill climb in two different vehicles. The first run is with limited instruction and the second is after an attempt and some additional guidance from Kyle to build confidence.

What’s your first experience with a hill climb? Tell us about your adventure in the comments we love to hear from our readers and swap off road stories!

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  1. My first experience with a hill climb was while taking Kyle’s 101 driving instruction class at Rausch Creek. I highly recommend it for folks new to offroading.

    1. Thanks for the comment! We agree it is great to tackle these obstacles with someone you trust and who is experienced. It can mean the difference between loving to off road and never wanting to go again.

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