Did you know your D-Ring is useful for more than just holding a strap and rattling on your bumper?

The process is really simple. Set your Hi-Lift jack up with the D-Ring over the lift point – as you see in the video and the picture above. Jack the vehicle up and do any repairs, shift the vehicle, or stack rocks under the wheel. Whatever your needs are.

Many newer and more modern bumpers are styled with rounded edges, angled surfaces, stepped areas that are not conducive to recovery situations. A D-Ring on the other hand is a captured grab point, allows the jack to move while keeping it secure, and are usually close to the corners of the vehicle. All of these are great benefits. If you watched our other video we used the hitch mount to lift and shift a vehicle.

If you have a spare tire mounted on the tail gate that doesn’t work very well. The D-Ring is generally to the left or right of the spare allowing you to still lift your vehicle. As a recommendation don’t leave your D-Ring permanently attached as the dirt and grime will get into the bolt and make it hard to remove.

What other tips and techniques do you use? We will be showcasing many more in the weeks to come!

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