There is no doubt that disconnecting the swaybar links on your Wrangler will give you some extra articulation on the trail.  And, ladies and gentlemen,  articulation = traction. Even for those running 100% stock, the JK and JKUs have an incredible about of flex built in, but it takes disconnecting the front swaybar links to unlock that extra potential.

Now, if you’ve got a Rubicon –  you’re set. Disconnecting your swaybar is as simple as pushing a button from the comfort of your nicely air-conditioned seat.  For those without electronic disconnects, however, there are really two options. Okay, three, if you include adding electronic disconnects…but that’s a given. You can:

  • Disconnect the old fashioned way by dragging out your toolbox, getting down under your ride and removing the lower swaybar link bolts, then strapping your links up out of the way with zip ties or velcro.


  • Install a set of disconnects and brackets and simply pull a pin to disconnect, and then conveniently stow the links out of the way with the frame mounted brackets.

It really is just a matter of how much you like wrenching in the dirt. 🙂 I personally decided that I wanted disconnecting and reconnecting my swaybar links to be as simple as possible so that I wasn’t messing around unnecessarily before and after each trip to the trail.  I didn’t want to worry about re-torquing the link bolts each time.  So, I opted for pull-the-pin simplicity.

My choice, based on price point and ease of use, was the TeraFlex disconnects.  In this video, I show you how do disconnect (the old fashioned way) then I go through the simple install of the TeraFlex quick disconnect studs and frame brackets. Finally,  I’ll show you how to connect and disconnect – the easy way!

If you’d like to do the same, here are the parts you’ll need.

2 qty – Quick Disconnect Lower Stud Kit w/ Nut, Washer & Pin (1943705)

The replacement swaybar quick disconnect lower stud kit gives you the lower link components required to replace missing or worn components. This kit includes lower quick disconnect stud, hitch pin clip, large pin retainer washer, flat washer and lock nut.

1 qty – JK Front Swaybar Quick Disconnect Upper Stud Bracket Kit (1601277)

The replacement JK upper swaybar quick disconnect hardware kit gives you the upper mounting components required to properly mount your swaybar when disconnected for off road use. This kit includes a frame bracket, upper quick disconnect stud, hitch pin clip, and lock nut.

Check out TeraFlex on our Featured Partners page!

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