Better Wiring – Upgrade Your Battery Terminals

Battery terminals are not something you often think about until they leave you stranded somewhere. Battery terminals serve the essential function for any vehicle, without a proper electrical connection nothing works.

We love to accessorize.

As off-road enthusiasts, we add aftermarket electrical accessories to their vehicles like winches, lockers, and lights, lots and lots of lights. There are expensive power distribution systems like sPOD or Switch-Pros and for some these may be the best option for adding accessories to your vehicle.

Budgets are tight and so is the engine bay.

Because my wallet is often tight, I have avoided purchasing these switch panel power systems, and instead, I choose to create a mess of accessories wired directly to my battery. I am terrible at wiring and I never spend enough time working out proper connections.

For those like me, KAT5 Terminals has created a solution to clean up my wiring and make my terminals a little safer and easier to handle.

What is it?

KAT5 offers a battery terminal swap that takes only a few minutes and for $25-40, depending on the model, these terminals will quickly clean up your wiring and make adding and removing accessories a tool-free process. The KAT5 terminals use insulated wingnuts to secure your wiring. There are several variations of KAT5 terminals, just make sure you choose one that fits your application. In my Wrangler TJ I chose their three-way connection. I felt the five-way was too large for the space available under my hood.

Take a look at the pictures below to see how I was able to clean up my wiring and how they could potentially clean up yours.

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