When it comes to 4×4 full size, the world of accessories and modifications is always up to date and cutting edge. Lights bars, winch bumpers, rocker guards, you name it.

When it comes to the UTV /Side-by-Side world, however, accessories and modifications fall short. These machines aren’t vastly different than the full-size world as many of their features are similar just smaller and more specific.

There is evidence that a few a designers came up with ideas and everyone else just made very similar products.  Products include skid plates, side protection, doors, and other accessories.

The 4×4 full-size industry has some very innovative products that could crossover into the side-by-side/UTV world with the right companies and manufacturers thinking outside the full-size box.

One product that stands out as a crossover product candidate is the ARB air compressor. Before we get ahead of ourselves, ARB has the single and dual setup for larger off-road tires. So which one would be a candidate for a side-by-side/utv?

The single ARB air compressor set up is acceptable for filling up a 33-37″ size tire but is best used for operating just the air locker. However, the dual ARB air compressor set up is spot on for filling tire sizes between 33-37″ and operating the air locker.

Now add that type of thinking to a much smaller setup, enter the side-by-side!Take the small (Single) ARB air compressor that is primarily used for just the air lockers and mount into the side-by-side. (Please see and refer to user guide for install directions)

We have had several single ARB air compressors over the years in various full size and find that they are an essential part to being trail ready.

The single ARB air compressor is small, stylish and fits in various nooks and crannies in the side-by-side.

The volume of this smaller compressor is spot on for the 26-30″ tires that most side-by-side/utv have.

It fits well under the dash of the side-by-side as it is out of the driver’s way with regards to leg room and as a permanent mount, it is ready at a moments notice.

We mounted our ARB compressor under the dash of our Canam Commander as this creates easy access when needed and concealed when not in use and the rocker switch blends into the dash like it was meant to be there.

Now if I get a flat while out on the trail I use the ARB plug kit and my ARB onboard air, and I am back in the saddle again in no time.

The days of trying to hook alligator clips onto the small terminals of a side-by-side battery are over as ARB has begun the crossover into the Side-by-Side world.

We commonly see side-by-sides operators using a cigarette lighter or alligator clip type compressor that is stored in a random box or pouch that bounces around in the machine and becomes tangled.

With the ARB single air compressor set up, it is quick and ready in no time to fix flat tire issues that may arise while out on the trails.

The ARB single air compressor is just one of the many full-size products that can be adapted to the sxs industry if companies and manufacturers would think outside the box.  We love having the peace of mind having such a reliable product such as ARB in our Canam Commander for when we need it.



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