Trying to do things according to the rule book we picked up distilled water to add to the radiator fluid. I once again asked Frank at O’Reillys a question. What would happen if I filled the radiator with just antifreeze fluid and no water. He said it would run hard, so I got the correct water.

That running hard would have wasted horsepower pushing the thicker coolant through the motor instead of driving the wheels. It will probably be the only time I just don’t use the hose. I almost forgot I still have to change the power steering fluids as well as the brake fluids. After spending more time on the jeep I remember I had upgraded the clutch cable to a hydraulic system so I would not have to change the old mechanical parts that always break at inopportune times. So now I need to investigate how to change that and if it needs to be bled or not?

Continuously moving forward we are putting her all back together. The radiator is in and filled, the new fuel filters are in place, gas lines are repaired or replaced, and the new radiator hose’s are installed. My good friend Bruce rebuilt the fuel pump apparatus, installed a 12 psi fuel pump and filter, changed and repaired everything electrical, and even fixed the hose on the main gas intake tube. I still need to drain and re-fill brake and power steering fluids. The tricky part is finding who to take the old fluids to? Anyone know who takes the old radiator fluids to? Don’t forget to check out part 1!

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