It’s an election year and that is evident anytime you read the news, watch TV, or peruse your FaceBook feed. Those elections should be a reminder of why the 4th of July is so important to us.

The signing of the Declaration of Independence was a momentous turning point in the 240-year history of our nation. The middle finger to the monarchy and a choice that would clearly mean death if they failed, those patriots chose the path more difficult to fight for what they believed in.

During the past 240 years, many men and women have chosen that same path by serving our great nation to keep it free from tyranny and oppression. Even those who don’t serve in the military or police, who don’t sit on city councils, or provide any Government service are vitally important to progress. Everyone’s voice counts in an election. It is your right to vote, and also your right not to vote.

So as we barbecue, light fireworks, and spend time with friends and family take some time to remember why the 4th of July matters, and then make a decision on whether you are going to participate in the future of our country, or you are going to sit back and let others decide for you.

Happy Independence Day!

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William Connor

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