If you are reading this thank a vet, if you own a home thank a vet, if you drive a car, if you breathe air in the land of the free thank a veteran. American pride is a powerful thing and we need it more than ever.

As prior military – and coming from a military family – I have always had an appreciation for our military and all of the people who serve our country. Military, Police, Fire, State and Federal Civilians, and those of you who stand by those who protect us all.

If you served we salute you, if you support those who serve we salute you, if you don’t support them – know they will still protect you. That is who they are, who we are, and who our veterans will always be. Selfless servants and protectors of every man, woman, and child. Remember that today may be a special day we celebrate veterans but we should thank them every day.

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William Connor

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