While spending time at the Mid Atlantic Overland Festival I got to meet a couple who travels in the converted Van across the country. Made by the Sportsmobile company it is a very self-sufficient vehicle with plenty of off-road capability. 

Submitted by the owners:


My desire to travel was sparked while serving in the US Navy. After leaving the Navy and spending 30 years as a financial advisor, I’ve learned that there must be balance between the pursuit of money and time spent doing what you love. For my wife, Kathy, and me, traveling and exploring have been the greatest things. For us, our van (we call him “Morty”) is the ideal solution. Reasonable size, cost, yet all of the comforts we really need!   

People talk about exploring various countries but if you ask the average person, they’ve barely seen North America! I must admit that I myself still have a handful of states left to see.  “Van life” is not just about driving through an area, but being able to stop and really see and appreciate it…taking time to absorb all that area has to offer.  Pulling off the bikes and peddling around, eating the food, seeing the sights, talking to the locals, etc.

As a financial advisor, when I would show someone solutions on how they could retire earlier than they thought, they had the same expression as someone first seeing the Grand Canyon – that “wow” on their face.  Exposing people to the van life and all it offers is the same. Wow!


2010 Sportsmobile Ford E-350 with bulletproofed 6.0 diesel,  heavy duty suspension with front sway bar disconnect, Atlas transfer case, Dynatrac front end, Full Floating rear axle with 4.10 gears and limited slip, Electric Penthouse Electric Roof  w/ Bed, CD/DVD/NAV, Sirius Radio, Upgraded Speakers, Back-up Camera, Alarm, Rocker Mountain Tracker, Road Deadening throughout, Ultra Leather Seats, Heated & Lumbar Captain Seats,  Microwave, Sink, Refrigerator, Inverter,  Espar Airtronics (Furnace), Flat Plate (Hot Water), Exterior Shower, Porta Potti, Under Floor Storage, Safety Mirror, Awning, Front Grill, Roof Rack, Side Ladder, Front & Rear Bumper w/Hella Lights, Superwinch 12,500 with MasterPull synthetic line, Premier Power Welder inside rear bumper, interior gun safe, Rear Deluxe Aluminess Box and Tire Carrier, Solar wired nerf boards/steps, Bushwacker fender flares, Hood Mask,  Extreme Air with 5 gal tank, Amsoil Bypass Oil system, BF Goodrich 325/65/18 All Terrain KO2 tires with American Racing beadlock wheels,  Seats 5, Sleeps 4, carries 46 gallons of fuel and 32 gallons of fresh water.


We are able to fund many of our adventures with help from our amazing sponsors. In exchange for a small fee, we add their logo to our van and share information, literature, and demonstrations with folks we meet along the way and at the various outdoor/off-road shows we attend.

The Wrap

Stay tuned as we talk to Carl and his wife further, we will also delve into their Sportsmobile giving a rundown of the amenities and off-road upgrades. You can also expect to see some more Van Life articles with content coming from U-Joint off-road as well.



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