Some folks destroy the world around them, and others try to make it a better place for everyone. On April 1st, 2017 the members of Wheelers LLC and volunteers from the off-road community did their part to clean up a section of the world and leave it better than they found it.


“The majority of the property the AOAA now leases/owns was mined in the 1950s and was not reclaimed until recently. While the land sat vacant for decades, it was used by many as a dumping ground. Since securing lease/ownership rights to the property, we have partnered with a variety of organizations to make the property safe and clean.” (Source AOAA Website)

“Before AOAA was created, the 6,500 acres of Northumberland County land was abused as an illegal solid waste disposal dumping ground. AOAA has installed gates to deter illegal dumping. Numerous cleanups have been conducted making vast improvements in the property.” (Source AOAA Website)

Wheelers LLC

“Wheelers, LLC promotes and organizes safe off-road events and activities for all platforms and skill levels utilizing purpose-built, expedition ready vehicles unique to each of our members. Our events are conducive to meeting like minded people, honing one’s skills and confidence, in their vehicle and equipment, across all terrain.” (Source Wheelers LLC)

The Cleanup

The event was sponsored by Off Road Consulting, Anthracite Trail Riders, and Quadratec. It’s really great to see an organization like Quadratec get directly involved with the local community. With their participation the event offers a raffle with over $2000 in parts, the volunteers were given free park access, and were fed lunch to keep their energy up.

“Last year we had about 20 or so people come out, so this year’s turnout is fantastic and really appreciated,” said Craig Jaros, Quadratec’s Outside Events Coordinator. “The fact that so many people gave their time and came out today shows you how much people do care”

The commissioners of Coal Township donated the use of their loader and dump truck. Disposable Management Services, also of Coal Township, provided two 30-yard dumpsters while garbage bags and gloves were provided by the ‘Keep PA Beautiful’ organization. Local businesses and Government entities coordinating and working together to create clean usable forestry areas for recreation are exactly how Government and business should work together.

The cleanup area was a 10-acre space that had not been touched by previous cleanup efforts. With that in mind, the over 190 volunteers removed approximately 500 tires, that included some really odd items. How about a fully mounted 20-inch low profile tire still on a custom rim, used ammunition, and several other oddities.

A Note From the Wheelers LLC

Do you remember the first time you realized your vehicle drove better off road than on pavement? What about that moment you were like “am I really doing this right now? This is awesome when can I do it again?!” Take that and multiply it with the kindness and passion of people you meet in the field who love the same thing. That is the feeling, the positive attitude, and the memory that Wheeler LLC wishes to share with everyone at our events.


AOAA has plans to hold a quarterly cleanup and Wheelers LLC as well as those of us here at 4WAAM plan to help whenerv we can. Keep an eye out here or at the AOAA website and social media for details of the next trail cleanup.

Make sure to check out the slideshow below for more pictures of the cleanup efforts of all involved.

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