Lot’s of work has been going on behind the scenes here at 4WAAM. We have been talking with manufacturers about editorial parts to share with you.

Here is a preview of some of the upcoming articles and reviews.

What’s next?

Most of you know we have some Warn winches we have begin testing. We are currently working with some bumper manufacturers to find what works the best with the Warn Powerplant. This is a difficult winch to fit into a bumper.Big Red is getting new shoes and suspension. We will be reviewing the Icon Vehicle Dynamics 4.5 Stage 5 kit, drive shaft, and hydraulic bump stops. I have to admit to being very excited to see what this setup is capable of.

Those new shoes are the Interco Bird Dog wheels and TrXus tires. A newer design from Interco is a hybrid MT tire. They used sipes to add traction on multiple surfaces, particularly in the wet and snow but they are also a big bonus on the rocks.

More power is also possibly on the way via forced induction. Once the details are finalized we will reveal who is providing the unit for review.

Last but not least we have a full custom double triangulated suspension on a JK!

Tell us what other articles you would like to see and don’t forget to check out our Featured Partners page.

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