Many people have a basic understanding that the Jeep Wrangler is a superior off-road weapon when compared to other SUV’s and Crossovers. Most people though don’t know why. Like most they read it on the internet and then repeat it often enough it becomes their accepted truth.

What I bring to you today is video evidence of a stock Jeep and several other stock vehicles driving up an incline diagonally. It shows how differently the suspension articulates, and how the various AWD and 4WD systems tackle wheel slippage.

We will start with the Jeep Wrangler. For comparison purposes, I used a video of a Sahara model which does not have other traction aids like locking differentials or in most cases even limited slip.

Next up is a comparable Range Rover Evoque. It does make it up the incline but you can see the difference in suspension movement, traction, and how much more throttle it takes to get the job done.

There is a lot more to this particular video if you want to see it. I started at the diagonal test. As you can see it does a stellar job with the diagonal test. This is also an $89,980 SUV with adjustable air suspension compared to the Wrangler that starts at $23,000 and the Sahara at a paltry $32,000 by comparison. There’s no contest when it comes to luxury, the Lexus wins hands down. I did a custom build option on the LX570 and did manage to come in under $100K with quite a few bells and whistles.

The Honda CRV epitomizes the CUV market. Small, family-oriented vehicle with pretensions of off-road ability. Watching this attempt at the diagonal climb I would not want this level of excitement on such a simple obstacle.

Tell us what you think of the test, the vehicles, or just rant and rave about how you think this test was unfair.



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  1. It would be intersting to include some other body on frame SUVs within the same price range as the Wrangler, like the Xterra and FJ Cruiser, both of which have Independent front suspensions and leaf sprung live axles out back, in addition to some 4wd pickups with similar suspension layouts. I would expect them (the FJ and the Xterra, with their shorter than P/U truck wheelbases) both to be at least as good as the Lexus for a lot lower cost (albeit a lot less luxury as well).

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