Unpopular Opinion – Stop Choosing Your Own Vehicle Nickname

There is a long standing trend in the automotive world that needs a discussion. People naming their vehicles like they are people or the family pet. Today’s article is my opinion and it may or may not be popular!

You earn a nickname by doing something great or more often doing something dumb. Nicknames are not chosen. I am not talking about nicknames like shortening Richard to Rich, or Robert to Bob. I am talking about earning the nickname Tank or Ace.

Nicknames are badges of honor. Worn with pride no matter how bad they are, because people who care about you, gave it to you.

I will give you a couple of examples from people I have met. These folks earned their nickname. One is a Jeep owner who earned the moniker Shoeless. Why? Because he lost his shoes in a mud hole trying to walk out. That is an example of the event creating the perfect nickname.

A few years ago I was off road with a group of people and one of the drivers had recently gotten his Jeep back from a shop. The suspension setup was way off and some parts were hitting. Every obstacle we tackled resulted in the parts clanking together. So we dubbed the vehicle Clank. It wasn’t a nickname they may have wanted but that’s the point. The nickname was a result of something funny, given by friends who shared an experience.

You do not nickname your own vehicle, or yourself for that matter.

So stop naming your vehicle yourself. Go out do things, earn a nickname. Embrace it because you earned it with actions and friends, or strangers, gave it to you.

I know there will be opinions on this one. Keep them civil and fun, this is, after all, a less than serious subject.

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