I found it a little hard to get going into this season of Truck Night in America. The passing of Pete Sorenson put a real damper on trying to enjoy the show, or so I thought.

I was absolutely wrong to think I couldn’t enjoy the show while also respecting the fact that we had lost the mullet man and what he brought to the show. The whole thing has been a really nice way to continue to connect to who Pete Sorenson was and when I watch it’s so cool to see how much he enjoyed the people and the show.

Season 2 Truck Night in America

Bigger challenges and more destruction have been the theme so far this season. With 9 episodes already under our belts, it’s been a much smoother season, the episodes are more polished, the hosts have found their groove and the chemistry is much improved.

The show has also forgone some of the more ridiculous challenged in favor of events that more directly challenge drivers and their vehicles. So no toilet slingshot this year.

There are a couple of glaring issues still. Every race cannot be the closest they have ever seen. Not every person and every rig are amazing, and frankly, there should be a rule allowing them to remove someone for dangerous driving.


It’s possible I am just noticing it more this season but I personally think there has been a lot more breakage, wrecks, and destroyed vehicles this season than last year.

Broken transfer cases, drive shafts, an engine fire, and the massive roll over on the waterfall obstacle are just a few examples. A ton of vehicles ingested water causing who knows what kind of damage as well.

The Green Hell

No changes to the final course from last year. The course is tough once you hit the car graveyard. Most people who make it past that point generally get hung up in snake swamp if the water doesn’t kill their ride.

The problem with the Green Hell is it’s one-dimensionality. If you have horsepower and good tires you make it. You don’t need very good suspension as evidenced by the truck with the fastest time on the Green Hell.

First let me say that I really liked this episode, the driver, and the truck. It was unstoppable. It also banged, clanged, and had the articulation of a solid wheel wagon. It owns the fastest time mostly because of those agricultural tires and how quickly it made it through the swamp and the final climb.

The Wrap – Truck Night In America Season Two

It’s bigger, longer, and uncut. Seriously it is an improved product compared to season one and other than some minor quibbles it has become one of my favorite TV shows to watch. It’s become something my wife likes to watch with me which makes it the only show besides Law and Order we both like.

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