Toyota’s “Ever Better Expedition” sounds like the coolest corporate event ever; it’s a 110-day transcontinental drive with a fleet of Toyota vehicles that includes a Land Cruiser 200 and this futuristic off-road apocalypse Sienna minivan. Toyota calls it the  “Ultimate Utility Vehicle”.

Toyota is quite possibly the most boring automaker in existence. Beige is their calling card, and plain is their mantra. (Excluding the BRS) Yet in all of that boringness deep in the bowels of Toyota HQ someone has a sense of humor and a mini-van fetish. Maybe they wanted an A-Team van when they were kids.

The van, which is actually a Toyota Tacoma with a Sienna body grafted to it, is being built for the SEMA aftermarket show and will join Toyota’s big adventure for its North American portion.

The entourage of Toyota cars and trucks are roaming around to get employees excited, show off the company’s line up, and apparently create a new warwagon mini-van segment.

They’re going all over  Alaska to Pikes Peak to Death Valley To Daytona Beach to NYC.

Toyota’s press release explains that the trip was “inspired by Toyota President Akio Toyoda, whose passion for cars and the driving experience is revolutionizing the way that Toyota approaches product development and customer engagement.”

The L200 Land Cruiser isn’t quite as impressive looking as the Tacoma/Sienna but it is way more likely to be available someday in the US. One of our friends has a big old school Land Cruiser and they are ridiculously capable. A smaller lighter just as capable version would be pretty awesome.

If you see this convoy snap a picture and send it to us or put it in the comments below.

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