Memes have invaded our everyday lives as small Steven Wright style observations that provide often thought-provoking humor, sometimes delicious irony, and others are just silly. These next 5 Jeep based memes are a mix of all of it.

Who’s Dana?

This is one of my favorites mostly due to my significant other being named Dana. There is another that has an internet search history mentioning Dana. You can guess where that one goes.

That guy.

Each group has a friend or acquaintance who is considered the crazy one. With little to no prompting, they are more than happy to go balls to the wall at a moments notice. Who’s that guy in your group?

Parenting done right.

Some people have squad goals that include the perfect selfie, and cute shoes. Some squad goals are the ideal family that does everything together, including washing their rigs.

Got some explaining to do.

Have you ever tried to explain what you need to do to your Jeep to a non-owner? Between needing a podium and Powerpoint slides it can get pretty complicated. I keep a laminated card handy just in case someone asks.

Thousands to park in cool places.

We Jeep owners are an interesting lot. We spend thousands and even tens of thousands of dollars to build the best off-road vehicle we can. Then we go off-road into the craziest areas and take pictures of us parking on stuff.

That’s it for now. Do you have any other ones you really like? Share them with us below.







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