It’s tax return season. According to the U.S. Government the average tax return is approximately $2400. So that’s the maximum price of some our suggestions.

Buy a Winch

The single most powerful piece of recovery gear is a winch. In almost any situation you need to get out of a winch can handle it. Get yourself unstuck, your neighbor unstuck, your future girlfriend you meet while she is stuck on the side of the road. many superheroes wear capes, but sometimes they just have a winch.

Recommended buy:

The WARN VR-12S at $869 is a phenomenal buy. Legendary WARN reliability, modern looks, synthetic line, and more capacity than most people will need. We suggest the 12,000 over the 10,000 because sometimes your friends get stuck and more power never hurt.

“The new WARN VR12-S offer enhanced styling, upgraded performance, and legendary WARN reliability that you can trust. The new convertible control pack looks great and allows upright or low-profile mounting configurations. A waterproof Albright® contactor provides the most reliable winch control available. The one-piece tie plate replaces multiple tie bars for increased strength, and a best-in-class cone brake holds the full-rated load. And with a 12,000 lb. capacity, the VR12-S is great for three-quarter ton and one-ton pickups and bigger, heavier rigs.” (From

New Tires!

Good tires can minimize the need for using that winch. If you don’t get stuck you don’t need to be recovered. Our current favorite is the all new General Grabber ATX tires. We haven’t published a full review of the tires yet but for everyday use, handling, and quiet ride we have not tested anything better.

“The next-generation, aggressive all-terrain tire that provides exceptional off-road capability and durability, balanced with impressive on-road performance.” (From General Tire)

Starting at $169.99 for a 31 inch tire prices are reasonable for the amount of performance you get.

Lift it

Nothing quite like lifting your Jeep. Sitting up high with tons of ground clearance, surveying the asphalt jungle as you maneuver through grid lock to reach the nearest dirt to go and play. Jeep drivers often feel like ship captains as they sway and flow with the wind, and like a ship captain they like to go where they please.

Do not skimp on your lift. Seriously just don’t. The suspension sets the tone for everything else on your vehicle. Around the 4WAAM offices we like a lot of different brands. TeraFlex, ICON Vehicle Dynamics, Off Road Only AiROCK, and MOPAR.

To stay in our tax return budget we recommend the MOPAR lift. Factory tuned to meet the same rigid standards the OEM components have, and including items like spring isolator pads, factory hardware, and new bump stops they are a complete kit designed to retain the factory ride while providing more lift, flex, and control.

At $1495 it leaves plenty of money to pay for install or some other accessories.


A serious piece of equipment or simply a styling change bumpers are a great upgrade. When switching from plastic to metal bumpers you gain durability, protection, and stronger mounting points for that winch or tow strap.

Crawler Conceptz makes some great bumpers. We have always had great luck with them fitting properly, the finish is always top notch and pricing is middle of the road. That means you get a lot of bumper for your money.

With front bumpers around $549 and rears without carriers averaging $500-$600 you could grab set of bumpers and have plenty of money leftover.


Those of you who added things up should realize not one of our ideas came close to the maximum of $2400. We realize most people share their tax returns with their significant other so we kept things reasonable. Tell us what you are buying with your tax return!

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