Whether you have half-doors, or you just want to run doorless having a way to safely store and protect your Jeep doors is important. The doors are not inexpensive to replace, they protect your interior from the harsh elements, and you don’t want them to look like they came from a salvage yard.

The original Jeep vehicles available to the public weren’t offered with doors as a standard feature. It would be several generations of Jeep vehicles before half doors were readily available and even longer until the first full door with roll-up windows was available.

When the JK was introduced in 2007 half-doors were available as an option. That option eventually stopped being offered to buyers prior to the 2015 model year and only recently made a comeback as an option for the JL platform.

The JL half-door upgrade.

Unlike the previous half-door offerings where you had the choice of either full doors or half-doors. The JL half-doors are an upgrade option that starts at $2350. That upgrade option isn’t a this or that choice, for the JL you when you check that upgrade box you get two sets of doors for your vehicle. The standard full-frame door and a complete set of half-doors with uppers, interior, and mirrors all attached.

MasterTop Hard Door Storage Bag

Stored in the closet and protected from damage.

Made of a material similar to the Sailcloth of the normal soft top the bags have a very quality feel to them. Fully lined on the inside with super-soft felt and padded on the bottom to protect the doors when they are stored standing up the bags offer plenty of protection.

They won’t help you if someone hits the doors with a ladder or runs into them with hard objects but I believe they will do just fine if the door tips over and will definitely protect them from scratches and dirt. I don’t have room in the shop to store them safely so I have them tucked in a closet at the moment.

The Jl door hold-open arm. It fits but makes things awkward to zip.

Installing the bag is easy and while they are a tight fit the bags zip easily and gives a good sense of security. The hardest part to fit is the JL door stay. Previous Wranglers don’t have this feature and will fit easier into the bag.

So what do I think?

The MasterTop bags run $99 at Quadratec, new doors are $467 unpainted. For that price, I will throw on a nice bag to protect the doors and save money from damage. I also feel better about stacking the doors and leaving them exposed to daily life knowing they won’t be easily banged up.

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