As a writer and photographer, I often have to travel. A few weeks ago, I had an unfortunate incident. After suffering through a sleepless night, and finding out my room was infested with fleas, I discovered I needed a new suitcase.

I don’t give a lot of thought to suitcases. In my mind, they are items of necessity and not my preferred method of transporting clothes. I prefer soft waterproof bags that I can throw around, and if they fall on you, it doesn’t hurt as much.

How did I choose?

I decided on a few criteria. The bag had to be a carry-on, it needed hard sides and to be as large as possible within the carry on specifications.

Most airlines and the TSA list the maximum dimensions are 9x14x22 inches. Many bags are over that size in order to compensate making it difficult to use these bags on smaller planes.

What did I choose?

I ended up with the Bigger Carry-On from Away Luggage. The dimensions are spot on to the recommended size, and after my first couple of flights, I can attest that it fits easily into overhead bins.

There are a few other items that make this an excellent travel bag. It uses a durable thin polycarbonate shell that carries a lifetime guarantee. There is a compression sleeve that doubles as a laptop pouch, and the entire opposite side of the bag is a netted enclosure.

The bag I replaced measured a full 2 inches taller. It wasn’t able to hold the same amount of clothes and boots as the Away bag.

Final thoughts.

The combination of thinner material, smarter design for the handle, and low-profile wheels the Away Bigger Carry-On is the ideal companion for traveling. I can pack five days worth of clothes and my size 13 boots without stressing the bag capacity. This wouldn’t be my go-to choice for off-road or camping but an everyday carry-on it’s about as perfect as it gets.

I almost forgot, there is a battery integrated below the handle to recharge your devices. You can get yours at for $249.

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