What happens when you take a G-Class Mercedes and throw everything but the kitchen sink at it, cover it in very expensive dead animals and trees? You create an off-road vehicle for the rich and famous.

First launched in the 1970s, the Mercedes G-Class SUV  has been Maybach-ed (feel free to reuse that term anytime you see something completely overdone with no purpose) treatment and transformed into a luxury convertible “off-road” vehicle. Where our confusion, and maybe yours, starts is the G class is already a luxury off-road vehicle. What is the point?

The G650 Landaulet has a stretched wheelbase, climate-controlled and reclining massage seats, power-operated convertible half roof, twin video screens and a glass partition separating the front seating area from the rear. We assume it is so you can ignore the driver… or maybe the other way around.

Bla blah blah not available in the US. If you can swing the $500,000 price range, you can probably afford the tract of land in some far away land just to drive your SUV on. Driver, unpaved roads- and common sense not included in that price tag.

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