I was sitting and pondering accessories as I was trying to become inspired to write the next great internet post and I realized something. Thinking about parts and what to do next is a very slippery slope.

I was working with some vendors to review tires. That morphed into testing new wheels, then we needed a larger tire to fit wider wheels. Those tires would stress the stock axles to the point of breakage and were bigger than the fender flares can handle. So you start looking for fender flares to tuck the tires and not hit the body. You start drooling over Dana 60 axles to handle the weight of the larger wheels and tires.

At this point you realize you need different wheels because the Dana 60s have a different lug pattern than stock Jeep wheels. Somewhere along the way you surpassed the $20,000 dollar mark and you haven’t even looked at roof racks, interior accessories, skid plates, bumpers, winches, and more.

This is what is called a disease. It is officially “Accessory Daydream Disorder” or ADD. You may have heard the term used in reference to young children but it affects adults as well. The only known medication is to make small purchases on a regular basis to keep the disease from completely ruining your credit with large purchases.

What is your current wish list for your ride?

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